Family with foster kids

Housing Assistance for Foster Care Recipients

The Family Unification Program (FUP) program provides Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) to:

  • Families with children in foster care
  • Youth aging out of foster care

Facts About FUP

Vancouver Housing Authority works with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to administer the Family Unification Program.

There are two types of vouchers:

  1. FUP Family Vouchers issued to families with children in foster care.
  2. FUP Youth Vouchers for youth aging out or leaving foster care. These vouchers are limited to 36 months.

Not all Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) have FUP Housing Choice Vouchers available. Funding for FUP HCVs is competitive, and evaluated each year.

After you receive your FUP Housing Choice Voucher, you will still need to find housing.


Like other HCV programs, you must get a referral to be eligible for a voucher. You must meet the eligibility requirements for the Housing Choice Voucher and the Family Unification Program. Your referral will be reviewed by VHA staff to see if you meet the requirements for assistance.

For youth in foster care or aging out of foster care:

  • You must be no more than 24 years old, eligible, meet Housing Choice Voucher and FUP eligibility, and have left foster care, or you are leaving foster care within 90 days, are 16 or older, and are in danger of being homeless (or having a lack of adequate housing) in the transition
  • You must participate in supportive services while receiving assistance

Get More Information

Please speak with your Department of Social and Health ServicesDepartment of Social and Health Services caseworker or other FUP partner agencies about a referral for Family Unification Program (FUP) vouchers.