Notice of Final Settlement

You can view the Notice of Final Settlement in English, Spanish or Russian. If you need assistance in another language, please contact the main office at 360-694-2501. Let us know if you need a written copy of the Notice of Final Settlement or a translator to help you understand the document.

Notice of Final Settlement in English

Notice of Final Settlement en Español

Notice of Final Settlement in Русский

Covered Housing Units

VHA Covered Housing, October 1, 2018 that are governed by the settlement agreement.

Currently, there are no Public Housing units governed by the settlement.

Settlement & Your Assistance

If you are a member of the settlement Damages Class and will be receiving a settlement payment, you may be required to tell other agencies that provide you with assistance that you received a settlement check. For additional information, please read the notice in English, Español, or Русский.

Annual Compliance Report

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Annual Compliance Report — 2018

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