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If you already have a Section 8 Voucher, you may be eligible to transfer it to Vancouver Housing Authority (VHA). This process is called porting. If you are interested in porting to VHA, please contact your current housing authority.

What you need to know

Below is some information you and/or your current housing authority may need to know before you decide to port.

  • Vancouver Housing Authority bills all ports
  • Our PHA code is WA008

Your housing authority should send your port paperwork to:

Portability Receiving
FAX: 360-993-9594
Contact: 360-993-9518
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Street Address:
Vancouver Housing Authority
2500 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Our Payments Standards

As of October 2019, our payment standards are:

BedroomsPayment Standard
SRO* $780
Studio $1040
1 $1134
2 $1325
3 $1916
4 $2343
5 $2694
6 $3045
*Single Room Occupancy


Moving to Work

VHA is a Moving to Work housing authority. This means we may have different rules than your current housing authority. One difference you should be aware of is that we count a minimum income for all work-able household members regardless of actual income. A work-able household member is anyone who is over 18 and under 65, not a dependent, not disabled and not the full-time caregiver of a disabled person in the household.

Occupancy Standards

VHA occupancy standards allow a voucher for the head of household and their spouse or co-head, and one bedroom for every additional two family members, regardless of age or gender. For instance, a family with two parents, one daughter and one son would receive a two-bedroom voucher. You may rent a unit larger than your voucher if your income is high enough to pay the difference. Your share of the rent may not exceed 50% of your income. Although once we calculate your income you may be able to pay more, if you want to be certain your unit is affordable the rent should be no more than:

1 bedroom voucher = $1061 rent
2 bedroom voucher = $1235 rent
3 bedroom voucher = $1810 rent
4 bedroom voucher = $2067 rent

Competitive Market

The rental market in our area is very competitive. This means that there are few inexpensive units and landlords are less willing to consider applicants with poor rental histories. We recommend you look at or to see what is available in your price range before making the decision to relocate to Vancouver.


It will take one to six weeks after we receive your paperwork to complete your move. The length of time depends on whether your household composition or income has changed since your last review, how quickly you respond to requests for information, whether the unit you choose is affordable to you, and whether the unit passes inspection the first time. We will issue you a voucher that expires 30 days after the expiration date on the voucher provided to you by your original housing authority. Please make certain you have enough time to complete the process before your voucher expires. It is not possible to complete the port process without coming to Vancouver.