Maintenance of property

Maintenance of VHA-owned and managed property

If you live in an apartment managed by a private landlord or property management company, please contact the office of your property manager for any maintenance issues.

Residents have a legal obligation to let VHA maintenance know about anything that does not work properly in a unit. If you are unsure, please call and ask!

To report maintenance needs, call the maintenance work order number for your area. The maintenance work order number is in your resident packet. Contact your property manager if you cannot find the maintenance number.

Help with yard care

If applicable, the VHA provides some service to elderly and disabled tenants who need help maintaining the exterior of their unit. Please send a letter to your property manager to request this service.


Your health and safety are important to us. Yearly inspections help the VHA keep our properties in good condition for you and for future tenants.

Tenants receive a copy of a pre-move-in inspection with the lease paperwork, and have five (5) days to let the VHA know if the inspection report is not accurate.

If you live in a unit owned or managed by VHA, your house or apartment will be inspected annually by VHA. You may also receive notification that other agencies, such as HUD, will be inspecting. If the inspection reveals repair needs, the Maintenance Staff will repair the items. If the inspection finds things you need to do, your Property Manager or the Inspector will tell you.


Charges are made in cases of tenant-caused damage only. You will not be charged for normal wear and tear.


The VHA does not allow changes to your unit, tenant-made repairs, or allow tenant-built items to be added to the site or unit. This includes painting, wallpapering, changing locks, adding shelves, etc. There are a few exceptions. To learn more about making changes to your unit, call your Property Manager.

What are the most common inspection failures?

The items listed below are requirements of your lease and/or Health or Safety requirements. It is required that you call in maintenance repairs immediately to prevent further damage or hazards. Please take the time to read these requirements and take whatever steps necessary to ensure that you are in compliance. If you have any questions, please call the maintenance work order number for your area.

Health and/or Fire Safety Requirements

  • Smoke Detectors that don’t work, have been removed, or tampered with must be replaced or repaired and working.
  • Flammable materials must be stored in the proper container (i.e. gas can) and be properly sealed/capped.
  • Items within one (1) foot of any heater must be moved. There must be clearance in front and both sides. This also applies if you have a furnace.
  • Items stored on/around hot water heater must have at least one (1) foot of clearance all the way around the water heater.
  • Access to electric panel must not be blocked. There must be thirty-six inches (36″) of clearance in front of the panel from floor to ceiling, and thirty (30″) inches of wall space including the panel.
  • Entrance and Exits (Ingress/Egress) cannot be blocked. Each room must have two exits (windows or doors), neither of which can be blocked or even partially blocked.
  • Broken Glass (windows/light covers, etc.).
  • Dryer flex lines must be properly attached and vented.
  • Plug-in / Light switch covers cracked, broken, or missing.
  • Tripping Hazards, i.e. cords or cables across any walkway/pathway.
  • Changed or additional locks or locking devices without written authorization by VHA
  • Failure to maintain the unit in a clean and sanitary condition.

Additional Requirements

  • Make sure all fixtures & appliances (stove, stove hood, refrigerator) have working light bulbs in place.
  • Damage to property.
  • Failure to give prompt notice of any required repairs.
  • ANY Changes (alterations and/or additions) to the property (permanent or temporary) without written authorization by VHA
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Satellite Dishes
    • Ceiling Fans
    • Air Conditioners
    • Swimming Pools
    • Trampolines
  • Closet Doors completely off, OR off the track
  • Failure to maintain the assigned lawn and shrubs. No shrub/tree/bush/weeds/vines may be in contact with the siding at any time, there must be twelve (12″) inches between vegetation and the building.
  • Site Litter
    • This could include garbage or inappropriate items on your patio, such as appliances or indoor furniture. ONLY patio furniture or items that are appropriate (i.e. a barbeque), should be on the patio.
  • Pet approval MUST be properly displayed.

Download a pdf version of this list