The VHA partners closely with local private landlords in serving low-income families, elderly people, and people with disabilities. Particularly; through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, local landlords play an integral role in the VHA's mission.

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Landlord Portal

The VHA has a web-based portal which allows Section 8 landlords to access information about their assisted properties and payments.

Access Landlord Portal

Direct Deposit

All housing assistance payments are made through direct deposit.

Download the Direct Deposit form

Landlord Information Packet

You can find information for Section 8 landlords, including how to change rents, offer a new lease and inspections in our Landlord Information Packet.

Landlord Information Packet

New Lease Offer or Rent Increase

To renew a lease with an existing Section 8 tenant, the landlord and tenant complete the New Lease Offer/Request for Tenancy Approval (NLO/RFTA) form. The NLO/RFTA and a copy of the new lease must be sent to the VHA at least 30 days prior to the effective date. New tenants — those just moving to your property — may not use the NLO/RFTA form, but will be provided a form by their Voucher Specialist.

Download New Lease Offer Rent Increase FAQ

Download the New Lease Offer RFTA form

Rent Change Notice

Rent increases may only be made once in a 12 month period. The notice must be received by the Section 8 tenant and the VHA 60 days or more prior to the effective date of the rent increase. All rent increases are reviewed by VHA staff for reasonableness through comparison of similar units in the area. You may use this notice or any standard notice.

Sample Rent Change Notice

Sample Tenancy Addendum

A Section 8 landlord uses the lease of their choice. The lease must not conflict with the Tenancy Addendum which becomes a part of the lease.

Sample HAP Contract

Section 8 landlords enter into a contract with the VHA to receive housing subsidy payments.

Sample HAP Contract

Sale of Property/Owner Address Change Form

To change the owner information in our records, please complete a Owner Change Form. If the owner or the owner name has changed, please also complete a new W-9 Form.

Listing Vacancies

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher-holders can find rental listings at

Advertising and locating property has never been easier!

The Housing Authority has partnered with, which provides an enhanced program to list rental properties on line. Listings are available to potential Housing Choice Voucher tenants seeking apartment units, duplexes, single-family homes or townhomes in the private market. If you have any questions regarding registering, creating, or viewing property listings; please contact the GoSection8 toll free help line at 1-866-466-7328.

Landlords add your rental property. It is recommended that landlords add photos to their listing for better advertising and faster lease up!


You will find our current Administrative Plan on our Policies page.

Model owner notification of rights and obligations under violence against women act (VAWA) Owner Notice of Right and Obligations VAWA