VHA Owned and Managed Subsidized Housing

VHA owned and managed subsidized housing program properties provide income-based housing assistance throughout Clark County. Programs include housing opportunities for seniors, families, and people with special needs.

If you live in VHA owned and managed subsidized housing:

  • We are your landlord
  • We provide the property management and maintenance of the buildings
  • The subsidy for these programs stays with the property
  • Rent is based on 30% of household income

Wait List

You may only apply for VHA properties on the open wait list. A complete written application must be submitted for each property where you would like to live. You must meet qualifications for the apartment including income limits.

When your name is chosen, you will receive an Intake Packet to complete so we can confirm that you qualify for the apartment. VHA has the right to screen tenants. We will check records including past landlord references and criminal records.


Some people may be given a preference or priority over other applicants. For example, a person in a wheelchair may go ahead of someone else if a wheelchair accessible unit is available.

To apply for senior housing, you must be at least 62 years old.

Our special needs housing is for people with chronic mental illness and/or physical disabilities.


Once you are in our housing, staff will conduct a review each year to determine how much your rent will be for the next year. Your rent is based on your income and certain deductions. If you report a change in your income or deductions during the year, your rent may be adjusted so that you pay the same percentage of your income for rent.

The only reason you can be evicted from VHA owned and managed subsidized housing is if you violate the lease or program rules. As long as you follow the terms of the lease, you can stay in your apartment. If you are evicted from VHA owned and managed subsidized housing, you lose your subsidy.

Emergency housing

If you are currently homeless and seeking emergency shelter and/or housing assistance, please call the Council for the Homeless Housing Solutions:

11:00am-2:00pm Sat/Sun

Address change?

If you have already applied for a housing program, please make sure that we always have your current mailing address. Mail returned by the Post Office will cause your name to be removed from the waitlist. You may update your address through the Applicant PortalApplicant Portal or by:

  1. Download and print the Update Form for Assisted Housing
  2. Complete the form
  3. Mail the completed form to 2500 Main Street #100, Vancouver, WA 98660-2697

Subsidized Housing Map