Non-subsidized low-income housing options are available for people who:

  • Are not in subsidized housing yet and need a home while on a waitlist
  • Do not qualify for subsidized housing
  • Need emergency housing
  • Need Assisted Living

VHA owns and manages several non-subsidized affordable housing properties. Rent for these units is not based on income, however, income limits may apply.

You may also want to search for other low-income housing in Southwest Washington that is not owned by the VHA.

The VHA is committed to working with community leaders and partners to find affordable options whether you are homeless and need emergency housing, transitioning from short-term housing into long-term housing, or need long-term affordable housing that is not subsidized.

Are you in an emergency situation?

If you are currently homeless and need emergency shelter, please call the Council for the Homeless Housing Solutions Center Hotline at (360) 695-9677. The Housing Solutions Center Hotline is open between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Other Housing Options Map